York Elderberry Plants

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Dramatically enhance your edible landscape. The flower show in the spring is incomparable, with huge, fragrant cymes of dainty white flowers that bring generous crops of dark-purple berries, prized for cooking, baking, preserving, wine/cordials and tea. The fruit is very high in vitamin C and antioxidants. The carefree plants love moist soil but will tolerate some drought once established, but regular watering during dry spells improves the fruit quality. Attracts wildlife and pollinators, but are deer-resistant. Cold-hardy. Ripens in August, after Nova. Pollinator required: Choose any other elderberry variety.

Bloom ColorWhite
Fruit ColorPurple
Fruit SizeMedium – Large
Ripens/HarvestMid-Late August
Soil pH Level5.5-6.5
Soil CompositionLoamy,Sandy
Soil MoistureWell Drained – Average Moistness
Shade LevelPartial Shade, Full Sun
Years to Bear222-3
Hardiness Zone Range4 – 8

Mature Size

When your plant matures, it will be approximately 1.8 – 3 m tall x 1.8 – 2.4 m wide (6 – 10′ tall x 6 – 8′ wide).

Recommended Spacing

We recommend spacing these plants 1.8 – 2.4 m (6 – 8′) apart to ensure room for growth.

Ship Height

Bare-root Ships 0.2 – 0.3 m tall (8 – 12” tall).
Potted Ships .3 – .9 m (1 – 3′) tall with advanced root system in a 10x10x25 cm (4x4x10″) EZ Start® Pot.

This variety requires another one for adequate pollination.

Cross-pollination by a different variety is key to its growing and bearing success. Plant within 1.8 – 2.4 meters (6 – 8′ feet) for best pollination.

27 reviews for York Elderberry Plants

  1. Noelle Bowen

    Our York Elderberry made it through the winter & was doing well now. The Ranch did a little better for a while but now they both look great.

  2. Heather EdDahmouni

    We are so incredibly happy with the vigor and production of this variety. Produced clusters the very first year. Exploded in growth the second year and sent up tons of new plants below.

  3. atllas a

    Bought a York and Nova to pair together, planted them late April, and they already have a couple small clusters that are nearly ready to pick mid September! They’re growing really well even though one of them got partially split by some neighbor kids running over it. So excited to see how well they do after being fully established next year!

  4. Linda Arnold

    I received two bare root elderberry bushes from you. One started growing…the other did not! I called you and you sent another one right away….This was last fall They are growing and beautiful and taller than me! Both bushes are in flower, but it will be next year to harvest berries. I have ALWAYS been very satisfied with your service and your plants. Thank You!

  5. Shawn Woods

    I have Lemon Lace and Black Lace elderberries. They are beautiful, but descended of English varieties that birds love and people don’t. I learned that they act as terrific pollinators for American varieties, of which there are two cultivars – this and Nova. It survived a first winter at -26F and came back sprouting new growth like a hedge. It spent most of the spring in standing water, too.


    Came through a long cold winter and have leafed out. Doing well. Looking forward to elderberry jam and pie.

  7. Jeffrey Jeffrey

    This plant seems to grow faster than my St. John’s. I like both varieties. Looks good in my garden. I would recommend this plant also. Elderberry seems to be a low maintenance plant. Will require pruning.

  8. John Ferguson

    I got one of these last year and it almost died during the Texas heat in August, when I was out of town for a prolonged period of time and the plant was forgotten during the watering. It has come back with a vengeance and this year it even has flowers blossoming on it.


    We planted these a bit late because it stayed cold longer than anticipated, however they grew just fine. I would put these in the easy to grow category. This is the second year and it is putting new shoots out everywhere. I am hoping to be able to make some jam. Yum.

  10. Brian Hagan

    Planted this one near our John’s Elderberry last year and they have both taking off. Looking forward to making Elderberry syrup this year. Very pleased

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