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Keep some extra staking straps around!

Our Tree Stake straps allow the tree limited movement so it can continue to grow while it’s being protected against strong winds. Use them one at a time, or join them end-to-end to make a longer strap. Resists UV degradation so they last longer.
Flexible strap is 2 cm (3/4″) wide x 26.7 cm (10 1/2″) long.

Includes 1 strap.

8 reviews for Tree Stake Extra Strap

  1. Niel Koenig

    This tie it’s fantastic. It’s easy to use and super easy to remove and raspply. I’ll more than likly order more. I can see a jar for them in my veggie garden

  2. Chris Lobdell

    Excellent for holding my 3 yr old trees to protect mainly from the wind.

  3. Renee OKelly

    This is just what I needed for my new little trees to help them grow straight. In our area we have a lot of wind so this is an important addition to the tree stake.

  4. T O

    After many years of planting fruit trees one of the more important steps to preserve and protect new trees and older trees is staking. Dwarf trees are very susceptible to high winds because go their smaller root system.We have his winds a few times a year in excess of 50 mph. This year 90 mph. Staking is the only way to protect your fruit trees. Staking is the least expensive process to preserve all our hardwork and years of waiting for the trees to become fully productive, ergo, stake and protect them.Stark has two systems. The long staking system is best for maturing trees. Long staking is an investment that always pays dividends.WLM Boyds, MD

  5. charles satterwhite

    With the severe heat in the south east we need good quality at a good price, we have both


    Does a good job of holding trees in place and protecting them from wind damage and other adverse weather conditions that could uproot a young tree.

  7. Cheryle Cearlock

    Looked a long time for a nice tree support strap so when I saw these I knew they would work perfectly and they did. The color blends in nicely and I would recommend them to others.

  8. Mary Beth Dumke

    These are the best things since cholcotate covered cherries! I wish you had sold them sooner. They are a little pricey but since I ordered over 48 You can tell how much I really liked them. You can also put them together to make longer strap. They are excellent for climbing roses.

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