Stark® Tree Guards

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Protect the tender bark of young trees.

Protect your investment from gnawing animals, sun scald and more. Our lightweight perforated plastic spirals are easy to install and last for many years. Put them on right after you plant, which is when your new tree is most vulnerable. Occasionally adjust the spiral and let it “grow” with your tree, and remove any grass that may have grown up inside it. Also take care to keep lawn equipment from hitting the guards, which can girdle the tree, a major cause of mortality. Use Stark Tree Guards along with our Tree Circles to provide protection for both the trunk and roots.

Ships in packs of 3.


  • Choose the 25 cm (10″) guard for columnar trees
  • Choose the 50 cm (20″) guard for young trees
  • Choose the 101 cm (40″) guard for larger trees

272 reviews for Stark® Tree Guards


    Yes, I would recommend anyone to use Stark for their trees and supplies.

  2. Christine M Vasquez

    I purchased some of these the first year that I planted some fruit trees but I did not have enough for all of them. Unfortunately, one of them had the bark chewed off by deer that are very prevalent in out area. I immediately purchased more of them for this winter so that I am able to protect all of my dwarf fruit trees. I would not be without them ever again.

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