Stark® Tree Guards

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Begins shipping mid-April.

Begins shipping
early September.

Protect the tender bark of young trees.

Protect your investment from gnawing animals, sun scald and more. Our lightweight perforated plastic spirals are easy to install and last for many years. Put them on right after you plant, which is when your new tree is most vulnerable. Occasionally adjust the spiral and let it “grow” with your tree, and remove any grass that may have grown up inside it. Also take care to keep lawn equipment from hitting the guards, which can girdle the tree, a major cause of mortality. Use Stark Tree Guards along with our Tree Circles to provide protection for both the trunk and roots.

Ships in packs of 3.


  • Choose the 25 cm (10″) guard for columnar trees
  • Choose the 50 cm (20″) guard for young trees
  • Choose the 101 cm (40″) guard for larger trees

272 reviews for Stark® Tree Guards

  1. Frank Monaghan

    They seem to be working very well. I have had issues with deer killing my trees. This was put on to try and help. I have used other things to create barriers as well.


    Great for rodent control unless they burrow up from underground and get under it! Yes it happened to me. Also they tend to catch the string trimmer string and wrap it in towards the tree and strip the bark. Don’t get too close!

  3. David Green

    Bare root trees I bought from Stark Bros came laden with tent catepillars. After a week or two clearing them from the exposed shoots, found out the catepillars figured out they could hide from predators (and me) inside these tree guards. Please be sure to regularly inside them if you notice new sprouts near the top of the tree guard getting chewed. My trees will make it, but they were touch and go for a while there. That is really my only complaint. Tree guards seem to be doing fine otherwise.

  4. Patricia Banttari

    Thank you Titiana for your reply. Very much appreciated.

  5. Mark Hampton

    I have dozens in use, both for rodent and buck rub protection. Sun will eventually cause deteriorating ends after a few years. For new tree rodent protection, I also use the Stark plastic grow pots – snipped and inverted. They can be pushed further into the dirt than the plastic coils and are big enough to work for years … a good recycling trick.MIH

  6. Debby Pratt

    I’m very pleased with the guards I bought!! So easy to put on–important for a 77yr old lady, and they are doing the ‘job’!! I recently planted several young fruit trees. I lost 3 Apricots that had been doing ‘beautifully’, due to mice!! They decimated the bark and killed the trees!! This year, I planted Plum and Apple–again, growing so well. Now, I know they’ll make it through the Winter. I consider them an ‘investment’ and well worth protecting! Now I can replace the Apricots and know they are ‘mouse proof’! Thank you!

  7. Mary Kirby

    Recently lost an 5 yr old apple tree as critters ate of lower bark.Planted new little guy-have guard to protect it. Also one size up as tree grows.


    These tree guards save my trees from total annialition by deer, moose, etc….these are a must have!!


    I have not had any problems with pests chewing on the trunks of my young trees while using these tree guards and I like that they stretch with the tree and don’t strangle your young trees .

  10. trudy duck

    The price was great and received my shipment fast. Received a day ahead of the scheduled delivery. Will buy from here again

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