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Why grow a Meyer lemon tree?

There is nothing like a Meyer lemon, which imparts a unique mellow citrus flavor that is sought after by home cooks, chefs and mixologists worldwide. Substitute a Meyer lemon for a standard yellow lemon in your favorite recipes: lemon squares or meringue pie, your favorite cocktail or salad dressing. The difference will really turn your head.

Meyer lemon trees do well in containers, both indoors and out. If your climate is warm enough, the tree may be planted successfully in the ground. A potted Meyer lemon can be a patio focal point, with its dark green oblate leaves, fragrant white blooms and gorgeous yellow-orange fruit. The improved Meyer lemon tree is more disease-resistant than earlier cultivars, so it’s easy to care for.

You’ll enjoy a continuous harvest of beautiful Meyer lemons as the tree matures, giving you ready access to a steady supply of lemons that can be quite expensive at the store—that is if you can even find them.

What is the fruit like?

Meyer lemons are far less puckery than other lemons because they are only mildly acidic. Their sweeter disposition is the result of a cross between a standard lemon and a mandarin orange, which “tames” its hybrid partner and makes the fruit/juice more versatile.

The skin of the fruit is thin, smooth, and eventually turns an egg-yolk color. Meyer lemons are a bit smaller and rounder than regular lemons, and have a more golden-orange pulp. Like other lemons, it has high levels of folate, vitamin C and healthy flavanones.

How do I grow this tree?

This item can be grown in colder climates if it’s planted in a container and brought indoors during the winter months. We recommend growing this tree in a large container, the tree’s mature height will be controlled by pot size. Pruning also helps keep the Meyer lemon tree a more manageable size and will “bush” the tree out, giving it a fuller appearance.

Meyer lemon trees are self-pollinating, so if it lives outdoors (in a pot or in the ground), it will be pollinated in a natural way. If the tree lives indoors, you can pollinate it by hand using a small paint brush or makeup brush.

Citrus trees require moist, well-drained soil, with a moderate to slightly-acidic pH. Water deeply, but not too frequently. A good program of consistent fertilizing will give you a crop within 1-2 years. We recommend a high-nitrogen fertilizer formulated specifically for citrus trees—simply apply as directed during the spring and summer.

Full sun is a must for this tree, at least 6 hours per day. In warmer growing zones, morning sun and afternoon shade are preferable, if possible. Meyer lemons can take high heat and humidity, but they are not cold-hardy, so if you live outside of the recommended growing zones, bring it indoors before freezing temperatures set in.

Once you try a Meyer lemon, you’ll be hooked, but you’re not likely to find them at your local supermarket. Grow your own for the tree’s natural beauty and exceptional fruit … you’ll be so glad you did!


Bloom ColorWhite
Fruit ColorYellow
Fruit SizeSmall-Medium
Soil CompositionLoamy
Soil pH Level5.5-6.5
Product TypeGreen Good
Soil MoistureWell Drained-Average Moistness
Shade LevelFull Sun
Years to Bear1-2
Zone Range2-11

Size & Spacing

Mature Size

When your tree reaches full maturity in ground, it is expected to be approximately 8 to 10 feet tall (about 2.4 to 3 meters) and 3 to 5 feet wide (roughly 0.9 to 1.5 meters). Potted plants will be smaller in size.

Recommended Spacing

If planting in ground, we suggest planting these trees 8 to 10 feet apart, equivalent to about 2.4 to 3 meters, to provide ample space for their growth.

Ship Height

Potted 10 cm pot (4” pot).
Potted 1 Gallon Small Pot.


This variety is self pollinating.

How do I find my Hardiness Zone?

Canada’s Plant Hardiness Zones will tell you which plants will do well in your particular climate. Each zone is determined by the lowest average winter temperature recorded in a given area. Hardiness Zone information is included on all tree and plant product pages, so you know instantly whether a certain plant is likely to succeed where you live. Natural Resources Canada provides helpful options to find your zone:

Find your zone by province and municipality »

Find your zone using an interactive map »

154 reviews for Meyer Lemon Tree

  1. Josh Edmonds

    Wish I could attach a photo for the non believers. I live in Virginia and just harvested about 30 full size juicy lemons and there are more on the tree yet.

  2. Brian Farmer

    Happy to have received the order after almost 2 months (not sure why it took so long when site said it was available to ship). I wasn’t excited about the condition it came in (damaged stem/ soil spillage/ lack of support stick/ box twice the size as plant).

  3. Irene Stewart

    I ordered eight 1 gallon calamondin plants and 1 qt lemon plant. It arrived today in horrible condition all in one small box: plants piled up on top of each other without protective cardboards in between each plant. Broken branches, plant extremely tiny for being potted in 1 gallon container, ( looks like they were smaller plants transplanted in a gallon container), dirt out of the pots, roots exposed. Most of the plants don’t look healthy on top of all these. What a horrible experience!!!

  4. Laura Stevens

    I got my Myers Lemon trees today. I ordered 10 of the quart size because they were on sale and I wanted to give some as gifts. keep the extras for myself lol. I expected to receive 10 tiny sticks but happily received 10 multi branched beauties. 2 were huge. over 20″, 2 were 12″, Nice size. But most were 15″-18″ tall. Very healthy looking. well hydrated and lots of bright green leaves. Packed nice and secure. very little potting soil spillage. I have them in a bight but shaded area to get them used to the sun again. I’m super excited. Thank you so much . :)

  5. Lynette Boyd

    Stems look ok but, both plants had lost most of their leaves in transport. One only has 2 leaves on it. Both had a pile of leaves in the box on the bottom. Tried customer service and they told me to prune it. Quick reply. However, after spending over $100 on plants that I was excited about, that was not the response I was looking for. 3 plants out of 5 came damaged and no help at all from the customer service.

  6. Sondra Jergons

    My original tree died before i opened the box pretty much. Shock i think. My replacement is by far a better tree. All of the new growth fell off after transplanting, but the rest of the tree didn’t suffer and after a good watering and feeding a few days ago, it’s now got new growth coming in. It’s a pretty tree with no yellowing and the leaves are all perfect in every way. Thanks for making it right! I’ve since purchased other plants that are also doing well. Will buy again.

  7. Martha Conway

    I received my tree about a week ago, and it is just a beautiful, healthy, happy-looking plant So excited to watch it grow.


    I ordered a Meyer Lemon tree in a one quart pot in March and it arrived in excellent condition in April. The tree actually has several blooms (and still blooming) this season and I hope to have lemons this year. It has put on exceptional new growth as well. I’m very pleased with my order and highly recommend.* I also purchased a lime tree at the same time. It has taken root and tiny new growth now showing on entire tree. It has not bloomed, but is in great condition

  9. Mary Moser

    Plant was small looked like undeveloped cutting. It was in my house at first then put outside in a sheltered morning sunny location with afternoon shade. Leaves all fell off and plant died.

  10. Cheryl Minor

    I received the Meyer Lemon tree and I guess it went into shock. I lost all but one leaf. I repotted it in a grow bag, fertilized it, and set outside for some sun. It is really hot here and I did not think it might survive but it is back and has leaves and is growing!

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