Limb Spreaders

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Begins shipping mid-April.

Begins shipping
early September.

Improve your tree’s structural form.

Proper tree form = bigger, better-quality fruit. When you properly spread the limbs of a growing fruit tree, you’re allowing more sunlight and air movement into the canopy, which not only reduces disease opportunities but gives you larger, more well-developed fruit. Carefully place our extra-strength plastic limb spreaders between a tree’s young, flexible branches and the trunk to form strong, wide angles (ideally about 45 degrees from vertical). Use them again and again—you will really notice a difference in the health of your tree and the quality of your crop.


  • Choose the 15 cm or 23 cm (6″ or 9″) spreaders for stone-fruit trees (cherries, plums, peaches)
  • Choose the 23 cm or 30.5 cm (9″ or 12″) spreaders for apple and pear trees

Sold in packs of 10.

30 reviews for Limb Spreaders

  1. Robert Pickard

    I like these limb spreaders. They dig in just a bit to hold the limb into position.The worse thing is…. I did not order enough :( will no doubt order more when the next sale or reduced shipping cost comes around.

  2. John John

    Great little devices that really work! After a few months you can remove them and reuse.

  3. Melissa Bidermann

    I’m obsessed with these. They work beautifully to shape branches of new trees! I highly recommend trying them! They changed my life :-)

  4. Jeff Mullahey

    Product was great … worked as advertised … very happy with purchase.

  5. Millissa Culver

    These are sturdy and I like the various sizes. They will not stay put and many fall out of the trees when the wind blows. There are points on each end which should hold them in place. Maybe I am expecting too much here. They are easy to find and replace when they do blow out. However, most that I put in last summer were still in place and doing their job this spring.

  6. christine swiatek

    I really like them. Easy to use nd seem to work well.

  7. Virginia Heller

    unlike most tree spreaders, these are well made and don’t bruise or rub the tree limbs. I am hoping the work well for my trees but so far so good

  8. David Pachan

    It didn’t take long for me to find these. The pros: great to have multiple sizes, quick and easy to use, give great results in 4 to 5 months, only effects crotch angle and doesn’t make the limb grow crazy, mostly reusable, visable, doesn’t damage the tree, weather proof. Cons: not super durable, wind can occasionally blow them off the tree, never seem to have enough, a little pricy if you have a lot of trees.But, aafter all that, way better than spending the time to make your own. They vome in handy for the first 1 to 5 years of tree growth.


    I purchased the tree branch spreaders for my husband to use on several young fruit trees we had just purchased. I haven’t heard anything negative from him about them, so I believe he is probably very satisfied with them. They seem to work very well and that’s what counts. Thank you.Mary

  10. Carol Witthaus

    Limb spreaders are limb spreaders, so I don’t know for sure this soon if they are working, but I feel certain that they will work. My only thought is, a pale green would have looked better in my front yard. The bright orange is a little intense. If one of them should fall out of the tree though, I would have no trouble finding it in the grass.

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