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Honeycrisp Apple Tree

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Begins shipping mid-April.

Pollinator required to bear fruit

Begins shipping

Pollinator required to bear fruit

One of the country’s top 5 apples!

Phenomenal crunch, juiciness and sweetness have made Honeycrisp a nationwide favorite. The fruit is wonderfully aromatic and sweet as honey, with an explosively juicy, crisp bite. Small spaces are perfect for this naturally compact tree. Originates from Excelsior, Minnesota in 1974. Cold-hardy. Ripens in early September. Pollinator required: Choose any other apple variety.

Note: A properly-applied calcium supplement substantially improves the apple quality and makes the tree easier to grow.


Bloom ColorWhite
Ripens HarvestEarly September
Fruit ColorRed
Fruit SizeLarge
Soil CompositionLoamy
Soil pH Level6-7
Soil MoistureWell Drained
Shade LevelFull Sun
Years to Bear2-5
Bloom PeriodMid-Late
Hardiness Zone Range3-8

Size & Spacing

Mature Size

Dwarf  2.5 – 3 m tall x 2.5 – 3 m wide (8 – 10′ tall x 8 – 10′ wide)
Semi-Dwarf  3.5 – 4.5 m tall x 3.5 – 4.5 m wide (12 – 15′ tall x 12 – 15′ wide)

Recommended Spacing

Dwarf 2.5 – 3 m (8 – 10′)
Semi-Dwarf 3.5 – 4.5 m (12 – 15′)

Ship Height

Dwarf, Bare-root Ships 0.9 – 1.2 m tall (3-4′ tall) with a 9.5 mm (3/8″) trunk.
Semi-dwarf, Bare-root Ships 0.9 – 1.2 m tall (3-4′ tall) with a 9.5 mm (3/8″) trunk.
Supreme Semi-Dwarf EZ Start® Ships 0.9 – 1.2 m (3-4′) Tall with advanced root system in a 12.7×12.7×30.5 cm (5x5x12″) EZ Start® Pot.


This variety requires another one for adequate pollination.

Cross-pollination by a different variety is key to its growing and bearing success. Plant a different variety within 15 meters (50 feet) for best pollination.

Recommended Pollinators: Red Delicious, Golden Delicious, Macoun, Pink Lady, Granny Smith, Winter Banana, Ginger Gold, Wealthy

How do I find my Hardiness Zone?

Canada’s Plant Hardiness Zones will tell you which plants will do well in your particular climate. Each zone is determined by the lowest average winter temperature recorded in a given area. Hardiness Zone information is included on all tree and plant product pages, so you know instantly whether a certain plant is likely to succeed where you live. Natural Resources Canada provides helpful options to find your zone:

Find your zone by province and municipality »

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296 reviews for Honeycrisp Apple Tree

  1. George Gmach

    Honeycrisp apples are great for fresh eating, applesauce and for blending in pies. They are very sweet and cook down very nicely in sauce. They will keep several weeks in refrigeration in a crisper that preserves humidity. The trees hav a tendency to set large quantities of apples that will crowd each other if not thinned. Thinning has to be done within the first two to three weeks after set. Because the apple is relatively thin skinned it seems to be more susceptible to pests. I have found sticky lures and coddling moth traps to be very helpful, along with a well executed spray regimen. Plan to spend time in the orchard. The results are worth it. The four star rating would be a five if not for the extra time required.

  2. Noelle Bowen

    Our Honeycrisp Apple tree is doing great. I think it’s grown 8 inches this summer.

  3. Quinton Reed

    the leaves are mostly splayed and are thicker. they have softer texture and seem to maintain moisture better than the other trees. leaf growth is slow and no limb growth.

  4. Barbara Simoes

    The tree is looking good. When it came, I was impressed with is size, both in height (4′?) and caliper (just under an inch?) I got this to include in the back of a narrow food forest by my front yard sidewalk, along with a Granny Smith, Zestar and a Sam cherry tree. All were of good quality. In front of these, I’ve got a hedge of Regent Serviceberries and behind those, many berry plants and a row of asparagus (120′). My plan is to fill the remaining ground with strawberries once the ones planted start sending out runners. I want to have enough fruit and veggies that I can offer it to the neighbors walking by as well as fill my freezer with goodies for the long winter!

  5. Nikki Tobin

    Leadfarmer73 on you tube brought me here … U guys should really sponsor him … His reviews about your products is impeccable …. He speaks highly of your trees … I plan to order very soon because i as his itube follower trust him … I wasnt even into fruit trees at all ??

  6. Sarah Hostler

    I picked this tree because my dad had once tried to grow one but failed. I wanted to try and succeed for him. I ordered this tree and a granny Smith to pollinate it. The very same day I ordered it Starks gave them to FedEx to bring. Sadly FedEx took a week to deliver them but they finally arrived safely and my dad had put them in water as soon as they arrived. They look healthy and the leaf buds are so cute and adorable. My ground is clay so I’m nervous if they will thrive but it’s been 2 days and the leaf buds have grown a little so I’m praying for success. Very happy.

  7. Brett Amato

    After 5 years of waiting the Honeycrisp dwarf finally blossomed and fruited very nicely. I pruned the tree every year starting year 3, but this was my first year following strict spraying (Spinosad), & winter-dormant oiling. Thinned blossom fruit to just the King’s Fruits, and the now 7-foot tree produced over 40 large, beautiful, delicious apples.Central Mass., Zone 6a, suburban yard southward facing/slight slope plot.Nearby Zestar and Adirondack Crabapple as a pollinator.


    ordered 2 trees (the dwarf variety). planted around April. leaves are healthy. purchased liberty and lodi to cross pollinate. sprayed with bonide a couple weeks ago. quality trees. very happy with Stark Bros.

  9. Bruce Menning

    I planted one of these in fall of 2013. It’s always been a good strong, solid tree, but has never bore fruit.Finally, this year it has blooms for the first time. Hopefully this fall I’ll have some yummy sweet apples.

  10. Susan Laun

    I had two trees. The dang Japanese beetles are all over them, and it is a battle. If I had known, I’d have gone with a different variety. After 2 years, they have only produced a few small apples. Last year, one tree snapped off at the graft for no apparent reason.

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