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GreenWell™ Water Saver

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Save water the easy way!

Situate the reusable Water Saver in the ground at the depth you desire, and let it direct water way down to the roots of your valuable trees and shrubs.  Use it with both new and mature plants—it’s a snap to install. The Water Saver does double-duty as neat edging and keeps mulch in its place. Can also be used with vegetable, herb and small fruit plants, rose bushes, bulb plantings and more! Composed of recycled, UV-resistant polypropylene plastic, with a life span of 10 years or more. Product color may vary. Made in the USA.

  • 43 cm Diameter Top x 51 cm Diameter Base x 20 cm Height (17″ Diameter Top x 20″ Diameter Base x 8″ Height)

7 reviews for GreenWell™ Water Saver

  1. Jo Facklam

    Bought 6 of them to keep the dogs from digging around the trees in back yard. Works great.

  2. Helen Halva

    I am not using this product for its stated function (to direct water right to the plant). I am using it to protect a staked vine from being accidentally cut by mowers and weedeaters. So far it is protecting the vine very well.

  3. Nancy Roger

    Just the right size for my little tree. Saves on watering and saves water as well.Would recommend

  4. Elizabeth Copper

    The GreenWell water savers are a great product particularly for drought stricken areas to maximize watering where it is most needed. I am also going to give them a try in n Minnesota to help mulch trees for the winter. Bravo to Stark Bros for carrying this relatively new product from Australia.

  5. Sue Hallis

    Actually bought these to keep our lawn service away from the base of my trees.Right now they are just sitting on top of the soil but when it gets cooler I will bury them in the ground a little. They are solving my problem. Thanks!

  6. Gregory Fort

    The water saver is a good product that does all that is advertised.I would recommend it to others.


    I ordered one of the water savers (since they are rather expensive) for my four young trees. I plan on using it to correctly water my trees through the summer months. We have had an unusual amount of rain this summer thus far, so I will use it soon if conditions dry out. So, I am only able to rate it according to what it appears to do. It does seem to be a bit flimsy and I will have to be careful to get the scalloped edges into the ground without breaking it. Thought it would be sturdier. If it works okay, I will eventually purchase 3 more.

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