DeWitt Tree Stake Kit

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Wind insurance for new trees!

Supporting young trees is strongly recommended in windy locations—doing so could save the life of your tree. Staking is also necessary to support dwarf fruit trees while their root system gets established. The Tree Stake Kit is easy to install—Just follow the illustrated directions on the packaging. Each kit provides support for one tree. Intended for use on young/dwarf trees with a 7.6 cm (3-inch) diameter trunk or smaller.

Each Tree Stake Kit includes:
• .9 m (3 ft.) non-girdling support strap (1)
• 100% recycled-plastic stakes (3)
• 3 m (10 ft.) sections of tree rope (3)

10 reviews for DeWitt Tree Stake Kit

  1. Brenda Atwater

    I look forward to purchasing more trees & stakes in near future. Thank you

  2. Gina McMather

    The product is good but the pictured instructions are so tiny as to be useless. I had to go online and look at the pictures there to get a sense of how to set it up.

  3. Judy Wells

    I had trouble with the instructions, they were confusing to me. SoI asked my son and daughter in law to put them in and they had trouble with them too. Consequently we did not get the best result. We also had an exceptionally wet spring and really bad wind, so not necessarily a poor product.


    This is working very well for our tree. We are very happy with it.

  5. Stanley T

    This kit is easy and quick to set up. Much better than what I made myself.

  6. thomas carlson

    I would recommend this product to people who have a windy site that they are dealing with. It works well at keeping the tree supported and balanced. You really need two people to get it set correctly.

  7. Paul Paul

    It’s a great item for helping your young fruit tree grow straight. But it is best for a tree that has been planted for a year or two. The Burbank July Elberta Peach Premium Dwarf that I planted in November is too small in diameter and hasn’t grown any branches yet. Still a single small diameter trunk. Next year, I will have enough growth in size I’ll be able to use this staking kit just fine.


    The DeWitt Tree Stake worked well and was a good value for the price. I would recommend it to you.


    I was glad to have the kit. It was working great until the landscaper’s tractor hit the one line. the tree survived but I had to modify the one side. Great and easy to use.

  10. Brian Adkins

    I found these to be very useful for keeping my trees straight and support them from the wind

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