Blue-X® Vine Grow Tube

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Begins shipping mid-April.

Begins shipping

Grow vines up to 2-1/2 times faster!

These ingeniously designed plant sleeves create a microclimate for each tender vine that protects it from damaging UV rays. Your vines will not only survive, they’ll thrive because the root-to-shoot ratio will be even.
The patented grow tubes permit the ideal mix of red and blue light to penetrate. This increases the photosynthesis rate during early establishment, resulting in a stronger root system, wider caliper growth of the stem or trunk and faster growth overall. A bonus: Blue-X Grow Tubes also guard against curious animals and chemical spray/drift. Can also be used on very young trees.
The durable tubes are made with pure resins and UV inhibitors, and will protect young vines for as long as 5 years. Each tube is 9 cm (3.5”) across. Easy two-part assembly.

38 cm (15″) Grape Vine Grow Tube is designed for cordon/fruiting wires 61-76 cm (24-30”) tall
61 cm (24″) Grape Vine Grow Tube is designed for cordon/fruiting wires 76-91 cm (30-36”) tall
76 cm (30″) Grape Vine Grow Tube is designed for cordon/fruiting wires 91-182 cm (36-72”) tall

3 reviews for Blue-X® Vine Grow Tube

  1. Regina Rioux

    These grow tubes are great! They serve to protect my small vines from critters while allowing them adequate sun. So far they have been a great investment as one of my young vines was beginning to become a critter food source until I installed the grow tube. Since covering the vine, it has sprouted lots of new growth and the critters are leaving it alone. I have begun to cover all of my small vines with these tubes. Definitely purchasing more.

  2. Suzanne Schumacher

    I was dumbfounded when I saw this “tube”. It’s basically a piece of flat acrylic, that you roll up. Doesn’t look ANYTHING like the picture. I could have used a plastic bag and gotten the same results.

  3. buddy buddy

    I just bought this last weekk so I dont have any real way to know the benefits for this season so far. Let you know end of season as I am testing on twp plants and leaving the other 2 plants as is. we’ll see!!

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