Our policy is to fulfill orders exactly as they are received. If a particular variety should sell out, we will substitute it with an item of similar or greater value. If you would prefer not to receive a substitute item, please contact us.

How can we help?

Included in your order is a “Read This First” pamphlet which will answer many of the questions you might have about planting and caring for your purchase. More information is also available on this website. Should you need additional assistance, please contact us. We’re here to help you succeed!


Orders are shipped from the United States. Please expect longer than normal times between receiving your shipment confirmation and delivery.

Our shipping system is designed to provide you with the most accurate delivery date possible. Factors that could affect that delivery date include the correct planting time for your area, whether or not the item(s) you’ve ordered are in stock, still growing, or on back order, and whether or not recent severe weather in your area might affect your ability to plant (e.g., a snowstorm or a hurricane).

If your order contains items that are available at different times, we may offer you the options to ship all items when all items are available, or to ship them as soon as each item is available. All orders begin to ship in the spring season (April-June). You will receive a shipping confirmation when your order is on its way.

Where can Stark Bro’s ship to?

Stark Bro’s Canada only ships to Canadian addresses (orders cannot be shipped to the province of British Columbia and Quebec). If you reside in the U. S., please place your order through starkbros.com.

Payment Information

Your payment is processed after your order is placed. You will receive a confirmation email to let you know we’ve received your payment. If you change your order after the initial payment is made, any remaining balance or refund will be handled when your order ships.

Sales Tax

We are legally required to charge sales tax where applicable. The tax amount you see at checkout and in your order details is an estimate of the tax at the time of your order. The tax amount at shipping time may be different, and it may be necessary to collect any difference in the tax or order balance at the time of shipment.

Unauthorized Resale Prohibited

Stark Bro’s Canada represents and warrants that our products are ineligible for resale under any circumstances. In addition, third-party sellers are prohibited by law from any unauthorized first-sale of Stark Bro’s Canada products or unauthorized use/misrepresentations of Stark Bro’s Canada’s intellectual property. Violators will be held accountable.